Evan Wondero

Evan has been living on Koh Samui for 2 years. He has been working in the Hospitality business for 4 years 2 of which in the United States where he is originally from. This experience has taught him how to appropriately and effectively take care of guests from all over the world. He has a long history of sales management and training were he has learned the most effective ways to maximize his employees potential. A fitness enthusiast he is always ready to jump into any activities or lead the way. Evans preferred method of exercise is Quadrupedal movement also known as “animal movements’. Feel free to ask about this exercise he is always willing to show how this method is done. A swimmer all his life he also knows and can teach all strokes done in the swimming pool. April 2017 he was runner-up in the Swim the Samui channel which is a 14.2 km race from Koh Phanang to Koh Samui.