Chris Denbrave
Yoga Teacher

From a young age, the arts, music, and movement of the body influenced Chris. Sound and sports always had a place together but he always questioned what the connection actually was. Yoga and meditation was the answer. After ten years of dedicated yoga practice, it was time for Chris to share what he had learned and he completed his first 200 hours training in 2014, with a further 100 hours advanced training in 2016. Chris teaches a broad range of classes including dynamic Hatha Yoga, Power Flow, or a restorative Yin Yoga class.

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Bettina Maul
Mind & Body Coach

Bettina has studied and practiced Yoga for over thirteen years in many diverse styles and unique settings throughout Asia, Europe, and US. Originally from Germany, she is an experienced Yoga and Meditation teacher registered with the International Yoga Alliance (E–RYT 500). As a Reiki Master and teacher, her Yoga and Meditation offerings are deeply influenced by her experience with Reiki and energy healing. Yoga has been an essential tool in Bettina’s personal life journey and she is deeply passionate about sharing its tremendous benefits with others.

Bettina comes from an extensive business marketing background with over 15 years experience working in the corporate sector. She understands how important it is to integrate lifestyle balancing techniques and tools into a demanding daily schedule! Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation are effective tools to help us to better cope with the pressure of demanding workloads and personal issues – by simply by increasing concentration, learning the art of how to relax, and cultivating awareness.

Since 2012, Betti has been happily living in Koh Samui, Thailand. She is a resident Yoga and Meditation teacher at Vikasa Yoga Retreat, where she offers Hatha, Akhanda, Classical Kundalini and Vikasa yoga classes, and leads personalized Anti Stress Programs. In addition, she offers Body and Mind online Coaching courses, Anti Stress programs, Anti Stress Workshops, Online Yoga Courses, Yoga programs, Online Meditation courses and Medita

Christian Jungerby
Professional Thai Boxing Coach

Christian Jungerby aka Chris offers a unique opportunity to learn about the “Art of Eight Limbs” in a safe, relaxed and painless way. Dating back to the 16th century, Muay Thai is an important part of Thailand’s culture and one of the most effective ways to get fit and develop self-confidence.

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Chris presents tailored group & one-to-one classes for men and women of all ages and levels. You will learn the essentials of coordination, body mechanics, stretching and how to avoid injury, before discovering the easy-to-learn six main punching strikes, footwork and four-directional movement. Sessions also cover self-defense, which has proved especially popular with women.

As you enjoy a full-body workout suitable for your age, fitness and ability, you can learn about the rituals and meditative aspects of this martial art. Muay Thai training can be a life-changing experience and a significant release from stress. It is empowering for people in all walks of life.

Chris, also known as Yim-Siam, the “Smile of Siam”, Christian Jungerby is a Swedish national at the peak of his Muay Thai fighting career with tons of ring experience as well as teaching. Famed throughout the Thai boxing community for his “Heart of a Lion”, devastating knee attacks and high fitness level,

Christian has fought more than 50 times as a professional in the home country of this sport. He has competed all over the country, with many bouts televised live. In March 2016, he was runner-up in the prestigious, eight-man Nai Khanom Thom tournament in the ancient Thai capital, Ayutthaya. Christian is fluent in Thai, and a keen student of the country’s culture who has won the respect of Thai fight fans and local people.

Christian is a gifted and enthusiastic coach. His sessions are fun and energetic and will give you priceless knowledge to use and enjoy for the rest of your life.

Sylvie Dujonghe

Yoga Teacher

Sylvie is a Certified Yoga Teacher from France living in Koh Samui. She specializes in; -Yoga for Detox -Yoga Therapy, Back and shoulder pain, diabetes, insomnia, stress, obesity -Yoga beginner and advance -Yin Yoga – Pranayama, breathing exercise – Meditation, recognize your true nature – Aqua Yoga – Reiki Sylvie is a positive, motivated yoga instructor committed to getting you physically and mentally healthy.